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Isadora Vasconcellos

Visit Isadora's website : ,   awesome , very talented actress!

Break a leg Isa!

Ben Grimaldi

Awesome performer, see by yourself! Watch Ben Grimaldi's videos on

Laura High

Laura High has a solid acting background and always impress the audience, visit her website :

Whit Elliott

Multi-talented and impressive actress, meet Whit Elliot or

Brian Dunlop

Brian Dunlop - Amazing acting performer based in NYC.

Rebekkah Rosenberg

Again from TAPNYC, another talented actress: Rebekkah Rosenberg.

Mariana Lopes

Mariana Lopes

Mariana Lopes , a talented member of both NYA & TAPNYC is an actress I met at the ShowBiz Expo, last October 2010 . She decided to trust NewYork Acting for her online representation:

" Michael services are amazing, I'm very satisfied with my website, he's reliable and easy to work with !"

Mariana has played dramatic theater roles , performed in Bobby Holder’s comedic theater production of City of Actors, appeared in several television commercials, performed stand up comedy at the New York Comedy Club, appeared in feature films such as Any Given Sunday starring Al Pacino and appeared in the popular television show The Good Wife.

Welcome Mariana!
Mickael Blanchett

Muhammad Bilal

Muhammad Bilal Actor

Muhammad Bilal
is an experimented actor and TAPNYC member. He recently got his website done through and I'm very proud to have him on board! Muhammad got acting classes and advice from many NYC's best acting teachers like William Esper and Kelly Kimball. He is now performing for The Actors Project NYC directed by Bobby Holder.

All the best Muhammad,
Mickael Blanchett

Erin Elizabeth Eichhorn

Erin E Eichhorn

TAPNYC performer as well as new NYA talent, Erin Elizabeth Eichhorn is originally from Canada and recently moved to NYC. Coming from a family with a solid and talented artistic background ( Susan Eichhorn , her mother is a professional voice teacher in NYC ) , Erin has an impressive voice and I have no doubt that TAPNYC will greatly benefit from her talent!

Mickael Blanchett


The Actors Project NYC is associated with for the online representation of its members.

All members of TAPNYC get a significant discount (almost %50) when registering on NYA on a 2 years membership.

Even more interesting, NYA gives money back to TAPNYC for each new subscriber, sponsoring their next projects in an effective way!

NYA is proud to be an official partner of The Actors Project NYC!

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